• I Love… Ivan Belikov

    Another artist whose work I really love and who inspires me is Ivan Belikov. Ivan is a Russian designer from Chelyabinsk, and is an awesome illustrator, who is skilled in digital and traditional mediums. He works mainly in Adobe Illustrator, using the brush tool, and focuses on nature motifs, with his illustration portfolio heavily featuring animals, both real and mythological. (more…)

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  • I Love… Orlando Arocena — Mexifunk

    An artist whose work I really love and who inspires me is Orlando Arocena, who’s known as Mexifunk. Orlando is a Mexican-Cuban-American designer from New York, and is a master of working in Adobe Illustrator. He works with the worldwide collective of artists known as PosterPosse, and designs mainly illustrative posters for movies and pop culture characters. (more…)

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  • My Design… Botany Posters Case Study

    I was asked to design two posters for a Botany Collection, a collections of plants and flowers, at the Natural History Museum in London. I was asked to create the posters using Adobe Illustrator and vector imaging. For this project I had to teach myself how to use the gradient mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator and manage my time effectively, each of these posters took many hours each. View the finished project here.


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